Our Services

At Guided Growth, we approach counseling mostly from a cognitive-behavioral standpoint, positive psychology, expressive arts, and reality therapy; however, we believe that our services should be tailored to the client’s needs. Therefore, we incorporate a variety of approaches as we strive to best meet every client where they are.

We see clients for many different reasons, and work together with the client to better understand their problems and create their own solutions. We offer counseling services both in- person and via tele-counseling.

We are excited to offer tele-counseling to all clients. This is a great option for clients with limited availability or time to drive to the office.


We work with a wide range of client issues that span from counseling to address issues for grief to parenting support. Our counselors will work with you in a safe and comfortable environment that will allow you to grow in your therapeutic journey to become your best self. In counseling, we will work to discover the root cause of your problems and you will develop the tools to implement change.

  • ADHD
  • Anger management
  • Anxiety
  • Career Counseling
  • Coping Skills
  • Depression
  • Diversion
  • Eating Disorders
  • Grief
  • Life Transitions
  • Mood Disorders
  • Parenting
  • Peer Relationships
  • Self Esteem
  • Stress
  • Trauma

Couple and Family Counseling

Couple and Family counseling has numerous benefits, including a focus on the whole family by strengthening the relationship, improving communication, understanding differences, and healing from the past. We use evidence-based techniques to help family members open up and express themselves to one another. We want couples and families to be able to communicate effectively with each other in a safe environment. In time, the skills you practice in counseling will be utilized and you will see improvements in your communication style with your family.

  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Divorce
  • Domestic violence
  • Family Conflict
  • Infidelity
  • Marital and Premarital
  • Strengthening a partnership


Our counselors are passionate about working with children. We believe that all behavior is a form of communication and that there is usually a reason for a child’s behavior. Sometimes, we just have to figure out what it is the child is trying to tell us. Many times, children find it difficult to express themselves, especially to their parents and it becomes easier for them to share with someone else who can look at their situation objectively. That’s where we come in! Our counselors utilize many forms of counseling to figure out how to build rapport with children and then help them become their own problem solvers. We believe that one of the earliest forms of communication is play and use therapeutic play, expressive, and creative arts to help children continue to grow.

  • ADHD
  • Anxiety
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Conduct Disorders
  • Depression
  • Mood Disorders
  • Self Esteem
  • School
  • Stress

Group Counseling

We offer small group counseling sessions for specialized topics. Our counselors use a range of therapeutic techniques during group counseling including play, Psycho-Education, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Positive Psychology. You can check out our Group Page to see what groups we are offering and when we are offering these groups.

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